Bad Boy Shifter

by Skylar Mason

Can I give him my body but save my heart?


I’m not usually a one-night stand kind of girl.

But Kade is too sexy to resist.

He’s the alpha wolf and biggest bad boy in Red Oak Den.

“Love them and leave them” is the motto he lives by.

He shouldn’t be my type.

But then he keeps a creep’s hands off me at a bar.
Something within me melts as my panties get drenched.

His dark eyes are on mine,
letting me know I’m his conquest for the night.

My mind wants to say no- it’s a terrible idea.
But my body says it wants to be taken by him.

Every touch of this bad boy shifter makes me tremble.
Every kiss makes me yearn for his mouth all over me.

I can’t resist letting him have his way with me.

Even though I know he won’t be there in the morning.

Or will one night with me not be enough for him?
Could we be destined to be each other’s mate?

Published on March 19th, 2020, Bad Boy Shifter is a standalone paranormal wolf shifter romance (PNR) with steam and a happy ever after and with no cliffhangers or cheating. It is in Skylar Mason’s standalone but connected Red Oak Shifters series which can be read and understood on their own or are best enjoyed altogether.

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Bad Boy Shifter