Forbidden Shifter

by Skylar Mason

I shouldn’t lust after him. He’s a beast, not a man. Yet something inside me knows I’m his for the taking.

Every night I see Dwayne in the woods outside,
I can’t help but fantasize about him.

Part man, part wolf, the shifter is everything I need in my life.

He’s strong, handsome, and furiously protective.

However, his world is not mine.
I don’t understand it and it scares me.

I try to resist my urges and stay away from the temptation.

But our fate will not be denied.

Soon I need Dwayne’s protection.

My father wants to sell my virginity to a rich man I hate.

Without my shifter lover, I’ll be condemned to a life of servitude.

Will my parents’ desire for money trap me forever?

Or will my forbidden lover rescue me in time? 

Published on July 20, 2020, Forbidden shifter is a standalone wolf shifter paranormal romance (PNR) with high heat and a happily ever after and with no cliffhangers or cheating.

It is part of the Red Oak Shifters series, which are standalone books set in the same world. They can be read on their own but are best enjoyed altogether.

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Forbidden Shifter