Hero Shifter

by Skylar Mason

He saved me, but he hates me.


Shane is a wolf shifter who is all muscle.
He’s also tall, sexy… and injured. And it’s all my fault!

All I wanted to do was keep the wolves away from my sheep.

I never thought I would catch a shifter in my trap.

The surprise shocks me so much, I literally shoot myself in the foot.

Now neither of us can walk and we’re stuck miles from Red Oak Den.

The hate I see on his face scares me, but we only have each other.

To my surprise, Shane never lets me down.

He pushes me as we struggle our way out of the forest.

We each only have one good leg to use together.
So I have to press against his solid, muscular body for support.

I only make it through the worst day of my life thanks to him.
Shane’s strong arms were wrapped around me as he helped me.

He’s my hero, and I want to be in those arms of his forever.

I also want to show him my appreciation for saving my life.
I can think of some ways to get down on my knees to thank him.

But can my shifter hero forgive me for the trap I caught him in?

Will he hate me for the rest of his life?

Or will this trauma turn into happiness that links us together forever?


Published on April 26, 2020,  Hero Shifter is a standalone enemies to lovers paranormal wolf shifter romance (PNR) with high heat and a happily ever after and with no cliffhangers or cheating. It is part of the Red Oak Shifters series which are standalone books set in the same world- they can be read on their own but are best enjoyed altogether.

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Hero Shifter