Medic Shifter

by Skylar Mason

We’ve always been friends. But now we’re destined to be more.

I’ve had a crush on Zane, a wolf shifter, for years.

I volunteer where he works as a paramedic.
And I always hope to ride in the ambulance with him.

He’s so big and strong and attractive.
Just the kind of guy you want to save your life.

I know he’s attracted to me, too.
Because I often catch him looking at my curves.
But he’s never pushed things further.

Until one winter when things change in Red Oak Den.
We ride along together to a fire that devastates the town.

And Zane tells me that I’m his human companion.

We’re ordained to be together as fated mates.
But he’s worried that it might mess up our friendship.
Not to mention our co-working relationship.

I help him put his fears aside by taking him into my bed.
This hot shifter can warm my cold winter nights.
And his arms can shelter me from the sadness in town.

He wants to take my virginity and be my one true mate.
As long as we can navigate what it all means together.

Will the changes be too hard for us to weather this winter?

Or will we realize that friendship can grow into lasting love?

Published on December 7th, 2020, Medic Shifter is a standalone paranormal wolf shifter romance (PNR) with steam and a happy ever after and with no cliffhangers or cheating.

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Medic Shifter