Saved by the Wolf

Paranormal Wolf Shifter Romance

by Juliana Conners and introducing Skylar Mason

She’s just a human, and I'm more than that. But now I can’t get her out of my head.

My cousins and I have a secret.

We’re not just park rangers.

We’re werewolves who protect the forest we grew up in.

I can’t stand the hikers and hunters who invade my woods.

Then a woman falls off a cliff and it’s left to me to save her.

Lynne is the feistiest woman I have ever met.

She needs my help desperately but doesn’t want it.

I pick her up, despite her protests, and patch up her wounds.

Her fire gets to my heart and her body is more than I can resist.

I try to keep my hands off her as she heals, but it’s hard because she makes my cock so hard.

It’s just supposed to be for one day, until I can get her back to the other campers.

But then hunters make a mess of things.

And now my deepest secret could be in danger.

Will this woman ruin my life forever once she knows what I am?

Or can I trust her to understand that I am more than I seem and everything that she wants?


This is a paranormal wolf shifter romance, introducing PNR author Skylar Mason, combined with Juliana’s steamy style. If you like reading about strong, sexy shapeshifters who protect their curvy virgin heroines (or if you’re not sure but think you might and want to try something new), jump right into this new sub-genre offered by Sizzling Hot Reads!

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Saved by the Wolf