Sold at Oktoberfest

A MFMM Reverse Harem Romance

by Juliana Conners and Sierra Sparks

They want me to serve them more than just beer.

I’m studying abroad in Germany and my host brother is so hot.
I’ve never had sex before, and I want him to be my first.
He offers me a job at Oktoberfest because my scholarship money is running out.
Then I find out there’s a lot more money where that offer comes from.
He heads up an exclusive club where billionaires can buy anything they want.
And he and his rich friends want to buy me… and my virginity.
They’ll watch him f*ck me for my very first time.
Then they’ll join in and share me, passing the beer wench around and doing whatever they want to me – throughout all of Oktoberfest.
After that, it’ll go back to life as normal, living in my German flat with my host brother, since it’s all just for the money and temporary fun.

Then why does it feel like all three men who bought me at Oktoberfest are falling for me?
And why does it feel like I’m falling for all of them, too?

Sold at Oktoberfest is a standalone MFMMM reverse harem romance novella. All of the action features three men pleasing one woman – no swords cross and it’s all about her. It is a super steamy, dirty quickie tale about what could happen at Oktoberfest with three strapping, handsome German guys, if we give in to our wildest, dirtiest fantasies… and it’s for those who like their menage romance to come with a whole lot of smut, in classic Juliana Conners and Sierra Sparks style. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after for all the main characters together.

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Sold at Oktoberfest