Soldier Shifter

by Skylar Mason

Being with the werewolf was hot, but it was a mistake. Right?

Jack is the alpha wolf in charge of the soldiers in Red Oak Den.

He’s the sexiest guy in town; everyone wants him.
But he wants only me- in fact, he took my virginity years ago.

I can’t help but think of that scorching hot night under the moon.
Since then, though, I’ve thought he betrayed me.

But maybe Jack has a secret- one that could risk both of our lives.

I’ve tried to get him out of my mind and move on.

But there is no one like Jack: so tall, muscular and handsome.

All I want is his powerful body wrapped around mine.

And the red moon is approaching fast.

Then shifters like us won’t be able to deny our animal instincts.

I know Jack will be at my door, wanting to claim me as his mate.

He wants to be in me again and even wants to put a baby in me.

But can I trust him if I don’t know his secret?

Or will my one true mate let me help us get the happy ending we deserve? 


Published on March 2nd, 2020,  Soldier Shifter is a standalone paranormal wolf shifter romance (PNR) with steam and a happy ever after and with no cliffhangers or cheating.

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Soldier Shifter