The Bear’s Mate

A Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance

by Skylar Mason

I can’t have my perfect woman. But how can I resist her?

I’m a Kodiak bear shifter living in Alaska.

Laney is a scientist who is here on a trip here to study us.

She has a hot, curvy body and I know she’s my fated mate.

But if I act on that knowledge, she’ll be bound to me forever.

It’s hard to resist because her feisty personality is as sexy as her body!

To make matters worse, we get stuck in my cabin thanks to the weather.

I want to carry her off to my bedroom so I can have my way with her.

But is it fair to forever claim a woman I hardly know?

One who doesn’t even know that shifters exist?

Plus, what will Laney say if she finds out my secret?

Will she expose my kind and turn us over to risky research?

Or will she accept me for everything that I am?

The Bear’s Mate is a steamy paranormal bear shifter romance by Sizzling Hot Reads author Skylar Mason. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers, a happily ever after and plenty of heat!

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The Bear’s Mate