Curvy Girl Auctions

Bi-Ing Her Curves and Making Her Dreams Come True

Justin’s my partner, in business and in life. We’re the new owners of a special sort of auction club. We don’t deal in antiques or cars. At Club Curves: Rainbow Room, we deal in curvy virgins. And we sell them to bisexual men like ourselves, who want to include a woman in their bed for … Read More

Buying Her Curves and Her Freedom

As a self-made billionaire, I live for work. My friends have to convince me to lighten up. They take me to Club Curves on the Fourth of July. It’s where billionaires buy virgins. But I’m not interested. It’s stupid that any of us should pay for a date. But then I see Jen’s perfect hourglass … Read More

Buying Her Curves and Bringing Her Luck

I’m here in the U.S. on business, and I’ve been working my ass off. So my friends decide I need a night of fun. They take me to Club Curves, a unique venue packed with hot women. And they’re up for bid. When I spot gorgeous Betsy and her perfect hourglass figure, I know it’s … Read More

Buying Her Curves And Sampling Her Sweets

When I lay eyes on curvy Jane, I want her immediately. And I’m a man who’s used to getting what I want. It’s why I’m here in Club Curves in the first place. Where billionaires like me can buy gorgeous women. But I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want Jane. When the busty baker … Read More

Buying Her Curves On Her Birthday

When people say “auction,” most people think about antiques, but Club Curves plays a very different game indeed. The club caters to men like me, with particular tastes: billionaires who love curvy, beautiful women. It’s the perfect arrangement. I pay, we play, then she goes on her way. And everyone knows that it’s a one-time … Read More