Eva Luxe

Full of Lust

Morgan Clark is the top client at the firm I work for. He’s also a demanding, cocky billionaire. Reed & Co. wants him to sign a big PR contract. They assign me to fly to him, to makes sure he does. He says there’s something he wants in return: me. He might be rich and … Read More


Being an intern for Reed & Co. is a big opportunity. But I need side work to pay off Mom’s medical bills. So I get a second job as a landscaper. While mowing my boss’s lawn, I end up seeing something I shouldn’t have. One wrong step and I spot his sex dungeon. I’ve never … Read More

Hot Holiday Romance Collection

All I wanted for Christmas was to lose my virginity. With my hot alpha male, I got my wish and more. Now we’re seeing each other all the time. But he’s known as a bad boy player. And his military past is shrouded in mystery. My p*ssy wants to melt in his hand like a … Read More

Sold on Christmas Box Set

I can’t believe it when I hear about an auction. Where billionaires buy virgins. It’s the lucky break I need this Christmas. And I feel even luckier when I see who’s bidding on me. Three stunningly sexy guys. Who want to pleasure me in every way possible. But what if they don’t want to stop? … Read More


My boss and I did something very bad. But it feels so good we can’t stop. I gave my older, rich boss my virginity. And we started falling in love. But now his boss is onto us. And I don’t want any drama at work. Plus, my dad is sick and needs my help on … Read More

A Very Dirty Autumn Box Set

Ray is a bad boy with a shady past. Now this mysterious alpha male is back. And he wants me bad. But I know better than to give into him. Sure, he took my virginity. And I haven’t been with anyone since. I’ve only ever been able to think of him. The way he took … Read More


Wes Milton is everything I’ve always wanted in a man. Handsome, rich, older and experienced. I see him looking at me and know he wants me too. Which surprises me, since I’m just a quiet farm girl. I’ve been blossoming at this big PR firm. But I’m too still shy to let my real feelings … Read More

Lucky Autumn

I have tons of money and my choice of women. But in order for my family’s business deal to go through, I need someone to pretend to be my fiancée. When I meet a humble event planner, I realize I want more. Her plump ass is perfect. Her innocent smile is gorgeous. And she belongs … Read More


  I’m an artist working at an ad company to pay my bills. The only good part about the job is my hot boss. He’s older than me and very strict. But sizzling lust lurks beneath his stern demeanor. When I find out he’s a novelist, I’m in love. He’s suffering from a bad case … Read More

His Curvy Conquest

I’m not supposed to touch my best friend’s daughter. Since he’s my business partner, too, our billion dollar company would be on the line if I did. But Allessandra’s curvy hips are pleading for my hands all over them. And her eyes are even wider, as if they’re begging to see my washboard abs. I’ve … Read More