Juliana Conners

In His Arms

I can’t believe my Tindr date stood me up. He even brought another date to the same restaurant. At the same time that he was supposed to meet me! But then a handsome guy rescues me from embarrassment. By pretending to be my date for the evening. It’s clearly because he wants in my bed … Read More

Buying Her Curves and Bringing Her Luck

I’m here in the U.S. on business, and I’ve been working my ass off. So my friends decide I need a night of fun. They take me to Club Curves, a unique venue packed with hot women. And they’re up for bid. When I spot gorgeous Betsy and her perfect hourglass figure, I know it’s … Read More

Buying Her Curves On Her Birthday

When people say “auction,” most people think about antiques, but Club Curves plays a very different game indeed. The club caters to men like me, with particular tastes: billionaires who love curvy, beautiful women. It’s the perfect arrangement. I pay, we play, then she goes on her way. And everyone knows that it’s a one-time … Read More

Hot Holiday Romance Collection

All I wanted for Christmas was to lose my virginity. With my hot alpha male, I got my wish and more. Now we’re seeing each other all the time. But he’s known as a bad boy player. And his military past is shrouded in mystery. My p*ssy wants to melt in his hand like a … Read More

Sold on Christmas Box Set

I can’t believe it when I hear about an auction. Where billionaires buy virgins. It’s the lucky break I need this Christmas. And I feel even luckier when I see who’s bidding on me. Three stunningly sexy guys. Who want to pleasure me in every way possible. But what if they don’t want to stop? … Read More

Falling For You

But which one should I spend the holiday with? Or maybe I don’t have to choose. They each want me just as much as I want them. And it seems they’re willing to share. As they both pleasure me, I’m in heaven. And I don’t want to come back down to earth. That’s where we … Read More

A Very Dirty Autumn Box Set

Ray is a bad boy with a shady past. Now this mysterious alpha male is back. And he wants me bad. But I know better than to give into him. Sure, he took my virginity. And I haven’t been with anyone since. I’ve only ever been able to think of him. The way he took … Read More

His Curvy Conquest

I’m not supposed to touch my best friend’s daughter. Since he’s my business partner, too, our billion dollar company would be on the line if I did. But Allessandra’s curvy hips are pleading for my hands all over them. And her eyes are even wider, as if they’re begging to see my washboard abs. I’ve … Read More

Sex In The Sand

I couldn’t believe it when two hot surfers wanted to share me. But then I found out there were more where they came from. A whole surfer colony wanted to pleasure me. And each other at the same time. As I give in to my deepest desires, letting all of them go deeper and deeper … Read More

Love In The Sand

I’ve always been a good girl, with a successful career. But my boyfriend cheats on me and leaves me anyway. So when my job sends me to California for a business trip, I decide it’s a good time to have some fun for once. Adin is a sexy surfer I meet on Venice Beach. He … Read More