Baby Blue

by Juliana Conners

There are lots of reasons I'm not supposed to be with Kayla. But there's one little reason I need to be.

We grew up together; then her father died.
She wants to honor his legacy by becoming a cop like he was.
I’m an instructor at the Policy Academy.
And I’m not supposed to be f*cking the recruits.
But all I can think about is that time way back when.
She caught me in the act of fantasizing, and I was thinking of her.
Now she says she always used to do the same thing.
I can’t help but fulfill our dirty dreams for real.
But she says we need to call it off-
To protect my job and the reputation of her father.
There’s just one small problem.

Even though our love is forbidden, she’s having my baby.
F*ck the rules. 
I’ll do what it takes to be with both of them.


Baby Blue is a full length standalone romance with no cliffhanger, no cheating and a happy ever after. This taboo story will make you blush with its hot steam, and then smile with its Father’s Day theme. Enjoy!

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Baby Blue