Billionaires for Me

"Will this mess up everything with our professional and personal relationships? Or will we all learn the joy of sharing my body... and heart."

Sierra Sparks & Juliana Conners

Bought by the Mysterious Billionaire Serial


Bradford Brothers

"Plenty of ammunition in their pants"

By Juliana Conners

Dark Ink Series

"She knows I'm trouble but she can't resist."

Cameron Collins & Juliana Conners


"I shouldn't want my boss, but I always have."

Eva Luxe

His Curvy Love

"She's caught my eye, but I don't let anyone catch my heart."

Julianna Conners, Cindy Fox & Eva Luxe

Holiday Redemption

"I want her to taste my cream. If she likes it, I'll fill her up to the brim."

Julianna Conners & Cameron Collins & Eva Luxe

In Deep

"How do you know if you've tamed a bad boy?"

Julianna Conners & Cameron Collins

In the Sand

"These hot surfers want me to help them heat up the beach!"

Julianna Conners, Sierra Sparks, Bruce Rodgers & Eva Luxe

Love Wanted Series

"Will our hearts get too entangled to walk away as planned?"

Eva Luxe & Juliana Conners

Lucky in Love Series

"They're in love... and in luck!"

Eva Luxe

My Three Bosses


North Pines Billionaires

"These guys can buy anything they want"

Eva Luxe & Juliana Conners

Sold at the Auction Series

"I'm used to getting anything money can buy. And what I'm buying is her innocence."

By Juliana Conners

Sold to the Gang Series

"They want to take for my very first time. All of them, at once."

Juliana Conners and Sierra Sparks

South Beach Bad Boys

"I was supposed to keep my hands off her. But I put a baby in her. Will the stakes be too high for our love to last?"

Eva Luxe & Juliana Conners


"Will he get to pound me like the ocean waves?"

Won in Vegas

"Did I just win the love of my life gambling?"

Cameron Collins

Yours, Boss Series

"Hot, forbidden, workplace romance! Super steamy, well written and an entertaining read. -ViolenVixen"

Juliana Conners