Back to Take What’s His

by Ryan Ramsay

He came back for me on Thanksgiving.
But by Christmas he still wasn’t done with me yet.

My ex left to play basketball at college.
But he couldn’t stay away from me.
He was back to claim my virginity.
And to make a little fantasy of ours come true…

He wants me tied up on Christmas morning.
He won’t be gentle when he unwraps his gift.
And he never takes no for an answer.

Back to Take What’s His is a bonus follow-up story to Back at You and features a bad boy basketball player and the curvy virgin he deflowers… and then some!

Content warning: This book contains scenes that are too HOT and taboo for Amazon and other sites, including dubcon and rough/degrading sex.

All characters are 18 years old or older and all s*x is consensual/r*pe fantasy.

This story is currently FREE as a THANK YOU to our readers. Have a sizzling hot Thanksgiving!

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Back to Take What’s His