Baking for the Billionaire

by Eva Luxe

I’m no chef but I’ll stuff her pastry all night.

I’ve never been a one-woman kind of guy.

Women constantly float in and out of my life.

Commitment was always the last thing I wanted.

That was until I met Zara, the pastry chef at my sister’s wedding.

Seeing her work so delicately and confidently

makes me want to lick frosting right off her curvy ass and luscious tits.

Usually all I want with a woman is a one-night stand.

So why the hell am I so intrigued by her?

I’ve never consciously ignored so many of my feelings at once.

But could spending a few hours with her change everything I thought I wanted?


Baking for the Billionaire is a full length standalone romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after.

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Baking for the Billionaire