Bi-Ing Her Curves and Making Her Dreams Come True

by Penny Madison and Mia Masters

They say sharing is caring. But are we starting to care about each other too much?

Justin’s my partner, in business and in life.

We’re the new owners of a special sort of auction club.

We don’t deal in antiques or cars.

At Club Curves: Rainbow Room, we deal in curvy virgins.

And we sell them to bisexual men like ourselves,

who want to include a woman in their bed for a night.

For us it’s strictly business, not pleasure…

until we meet Moriah.

When I lay eyes on her lush hourglass figure,

I want Justin and I to be the ones to bid on her.

Justin isn’t sure he wants to share me,

until I assure him it will be for just one night.

It will give Moriah the money to fulfill her career dreams.

And it will be enough to fulfill my fantasies.

But what if Justin falls hard and wants a lifetime of this?

Will it all turn into a nightmare?

Or lead us to a happy ever after?

Published on June 26, 2022, just in time for Pride Month, this book combines Penny Madison’s Club Curves billionaire and virgin auction world with Mia Masters’ talent for writing bisexual MMF menage romance. It’s only available on Sizzling Hot Reads for a limited time, so grab it now for only $2.99!

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Bi-Ing Her Curves and Making Her Dreams Come True