Big Dick

by Eva Luxe

He's cocky. Arrogant. And he says he's here to take charge.

I just started my dream job as branch manager for a large company.
I inherited a mess from my predecessor, though.
So one of the owners, Jayden, is sent to help fix it.
I really wasn’t looking forward to it.
The very need for his presence can be the kiss of death for any branch.
But I also wasn’t expecting him to be so sexy and smooth-talking.
Still, I tell myself to ignore his good looks, because it turns out he’s a huge dick.
He tells me I’m too soft on the employees and that I have to become harsher.
He wants me to take charge of them.
And he wants to take charge of me.
In fact, I’m pretty sure he wants to take me over my desk and have his way with me.
I wonder if the size of his cock matches that of his ego.
I try to resist his advances, though, since he’s such a demanding asshole.
And since I shouldn’t mix business with pleasure.

But will I be able to resist his stern hand?
Or is it exactly what I need in my work and personal life?

Big Dick is a standalone enemies to lovers office romance of nearly 30,000 words, featuring a dominant, billionaire alpha male boss and the curvy, feisty woman he falls for. It has no cheating, no cliffhanger and plenty of steam. It has a happy ever after/happy for now ending, with follow up books featuring this same couple in this series coming soon!

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Big Dick