Bought By the Mysterious Billionaire Part 9

by Jules Marie

Sold… to the mysterious billionaire of her dreams!
Here is the conclusion of Tessa and Blake’s story.

This is the 9th and final part to a sizzling hot serial about a curvy virgin being tied up… and knocked up?!… by a sexy, older, experienced billionaire.

Blake Powers:
I’m a billionaire with certain unconventional tastes.
And I can buy anything I want with all my money.
So I frequent Club Hot Commodities.
It’s an auction house but it doesn’t deal in f*cking antiques.
Instead, it’s where young women sell their virginity.
And anything goes when the highest bidder wins.
Tonight I know who my next conquest will be:
The sexy, curvy redhead who just walked in.
As soon as she did, I knew she was mine for the taking.
She’s only 19 and just filling in for a friend’s shift.
It’s a mystery why she’d even agree to come here.
She doesn’t have a clue what she’s getting into tonight.
But do I?

Tessa Davenport:
I’m only at Club Hot Commodities to help out my best friend.
I can’t believe the kind of things they do at this place.
The rumors are that women are tied up and spanked!
And a whole lot more happens here, too.
I don’t have to worry about any of that, though.
Because all I’m auctioning off is a dinner date with me.
Or at least that’s what I think.
But it turns out my friend gave me the wrong story.
Apparently, if I stay, I’ll be sold to the richest man here.
And he’s so hot I start to think I might like it!
It’s just one night of passion and could be worth the money.
So, why is this mysterious billionaire acting like it’s forever?
Could he have won more than he bargained for?

Bought by the Mysterious Billionaire is a steamy contemporary billionaire and virgin auction romance that started out as a novella called Sold on Valentine’s Day, but which has been significantly revised and expanded into a sizzling hot serial featuring themes of older man/younger woman (OMYW), alpha male billionaire and curvy virgin, and lots of hot, kinky, forbidden s*x in each installment.

Warning- This serial includes some taboo scenes some readers may find objectionable, and others may find delectable, including dubcon, BDSM, rough/ degrading s*x, forced s*x/pregnancy/breeding and anal sex, and it is for mature adults only. It’s too HOT for Amazon or other sites and is currently only available at Sizzling Hot Reads website and bookstore!

It’s told in parts with happy-for-now endings that eventually culminate in a happy ever after for the couple… and maybe their baby?!

Part 9 is the exciting final installment that concludes Tessa’s and Blake’s story (BUT stay tuned for an extended epilogue as bonus content for Sizzling Hot newsletter subscribers only!)

Blake and Tessa both face professional and personal consequences if they are to continue their forbidden relationship. But each of them is addicted to the other and just can’t get enough of their fun sexy kinky times together! Plus, Tessa’s having Blake’s baby and Blake needs to keep disciplining Tessa and training her to be his submissive pet, despite the upheaval all around them. Can they overcome all obstacles threatening to destroy their relationship, and reach the happily ever after to their story that began with a curvy virgin being sold to a powerful billionaire at Club Hot Commodities on Valentine’s Day? Find out by reading this exciting, heat-filled final part of their serial!

 Published on February 20, 2023, exclusively to the Sizzling Hot Reads website and bookstore, this book is TOO HOT for Amazon and is $2.99 for a limited time online for Sizzling fans only!

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Bought By the Mysterious Billionaire Part 9