by Eva Luxe

I want to give him my virginity. But he’s my boss and he’s off limits.

Wes Milton is everything I’ve always wanted in a man.
Handsome, rich, older and experienced.
I see him looking at me and know he wants me too.
Which surprises me, since I’m just a quiet farm girl.
I’ve been blossoming at this big PR firm.
But I’m too still shy to let my real feelings be known.
Until he invites me to his own family’s farm.
He plans to show me his bountiful squash.
But I know he wants to plow my field.
Soon, the earth isn’t the only thing shaking.
Nor is the haybale the only thing hard underneath me.
He says my curves are as luscious as this year’s harvest.
And that he wants to hold onto them forever.
But I’m afraid to give in to this powerful feeling.

Can I trust him enough to open my heart, not just my legs?
Will this pass in a season or are we falling in love forever?

Published on November 20, 2020, Bountiful is an autumn-themed office romance featuring a billionaire and a curvy virgin. This fun, flirty fall read has no cheating or cliffhanger but it does have a happily ever after and plenty of heat to warm up these chilly nights!


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