Brother’s Best Friend’s Secret Baby

by Eva Luxe

She was always off limits… but now I’ve put a baby inside her.


My best friend’s little sister was always adorable.
Then she turned seductive.
She kissed me at her sixteenth birthday party.
I knew he’d kill me for it, so I told her it couldn’t go any further.
But secretly, I’ve always wanted her, bad.
Now, we’re all grown up, and my best friend and I own a company.
When our new intern doesn’t show up, he gets an idea.
He says his little sister will help us out.
But I know that having her gorgeous curves around here will just distract me.
It isn’t long before I’ve got her on top of my desk.
It has to be our little secret, and her brother can’t find out.
But then I find out she’s pregnant with my child.
And I’m more concerned about protecting her than myself.
No matter what, I want to take care of that baby.
But with my company and friendship on the line, who’s gonna take care of my heart?

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Brother’s Best Friend’s Secret Baby