Buying Her Curves Vol 1-3 Cover
Buying Her Curves Vol 1-3 Cover

Buying Her Curves at the Auction Box Set – Books 1-3

by Penny Madison

I can buy anything I want.
And I want to claim her curves. For good.

When people hear “auction,” they usually think antiques.
But Club Curves deals in something different.
The club caters to men like me, with particular tastes.
Billionaires who love curvy, beautiful virgins.
It’s the perfect arrangement for the woman and me.
I pay, we play and then she goes on her way.
I tie her up for a night, but then I release her.
I have a lot of fun, but so does she.
Especially because I’m older and a lot more experienced.
And we both know it’s just a one-time thing.
But when I see voluptuous Linda step onto that stage,
I already know everything is about to change.
She just turned 19, and she’s reluctant to be here.
But I have to make her mine.
No matter how much it costs me.
Even my heart.
I have a feeling that’s what’s getting tied up tonight.
And maybe forever.

Buying Her Curves is a whole series of connected stories featuring alpha male billionaire and the curvy virgins who they buy for a night at Club Curves but who end up stealing their hearts for life.

This box set includes the first three books in the series, which are linked by characters: Buying Her Curves On Her Birthday, Buying Her Curves and Sampling Her Sweets, Buying Her Curves And Bringing Her Luck.

Published on March 9, 2023, they are standalone romances that have no cliffhangers and no cheating, and that have a happily ever after and plenty of steam! They can be read and understood separately but are best read altogether in this box set because they follow characters who are friends.


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Buying Her Curves at the Auction Box Set – Books 1-3