Car Full of Steam

by Eva Luxe and Cyndi Cox

I want a job. And the hot, older CEO wants my virginity. I’m thinking we can work out a deal.

I just lost my job and am determined to get a better one.
So, I show up unannounced at Reed & Co. to apply.
The PR company is one of the biggest firms in Ohio.
But they have no work for a young secretary like me.
Until Seth sees me and hires me on the spot.
He’s so rich and handsome I can’t help but want him.
Even though he’s my new boss.
And old enough to be my father.
At first I think it’s just a harmless fantasy.
But then his stares make me think he feels the same.
And I find out exactly why he hired me.
I wouldn’t mind fulfilling all the job duties he asks of me.
But I don’t want to lose the great job I just scored.
So, I have to be careful and resist his advances.
Until he gives me a ride home in a snowstorm.
And we get stuck and have to wait for a tow truck.
It’s unbearably cold but there’s one way we can warm up.

Should I give into the temptation to give him my virginity?
Maybe our hot chemistry can forge a lasting bond of love.

Published on February 6, 2022, Car Full of Steam is an older man/younger woman, billionaire and curvy virgin forbidden office romance. It has no cliffhanger and no cheating, but it does have a happily ever after and a lot of steam.

It’s loosely connected to the Full series, all of which feature employees of the Reed & Co. advertising firm, so, while it’s a standalone that can be read and understood completely on its own, it’s best when read with all the steamy goodness of the rest of the series.

The book has approximately 18,000 words/11 chapters and it’s packed with hot scenes that will warm up the rest of your winter! Get it now for only $2.99!

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Car Full of Steam