Cramming Her Candy Bag: MFMMM Reverse Harem Office Romance

by Farrah Paige, Cammie Collins

Which boss should I choose? How about all four!

I was starting to think my boyfriend was a waste of time.
But I had to learn the hard way that he wasn’t worth it.
When he cheated on me with two girls at the same time,
I finally got the message.
Now I’ve lost the douchebag I was dating,
but at least I still have a great job.
My four hot bosses are so good to me.
And I start to think maybe my ex was onto something.
I wish I could hook up with all my bosses at once!
Too bad the only way that’ll ever happen is in my dreams.
Or that’s what I thought… until they throw an office party.
And then each of them has something to tell me.
All of them say they want to have forbidden fun with me.
Separately… and maybe together, sharing me if they have to.
Is it my new dress that draws them irresistibly to me?
Or my newfound confidence I gained by ditching my loser ex?
All I know for sure is that they’re all competitive alpha males!
I don’t want to come between them.
But it will break my heart to choose.
How does one girl decide between her four bosses?
Or maybe I won’t have to.

Can I come between all of them, literally?
And will they share my heart as well as my bed?

Cramming Her Candy Bag is a full-length standalone reverse harem romance in which four men focus on pleasing one lucky lady emotionally and physically—no swords cross and it’s all about her. It’s a long novel of nearly 50,000 words so there’s plenty to enjoy here, including plenty of steam and a happily after for all involved.

Published on April 18, 2023, this book is currently exclusively available only on Sizzling Hot Reads, for the low price of $3.99, so grab it while it’s here. And enjoy!

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Cramming Her Candy Bag: MFMMM Reverse Harem Office Romance