Daddy’s Home

by Juliana Conners & Cameron Collins

Jasmine was the first and only woman to pleasure my body. But little did I know how she’d arrest my heart.

We were high school sweethearts that her cruel dad broke up.
He forced her to marry a jerk for his own financial benefit.
Now, I’ve tried my best to move on without her.
But I can’t forget her amazing curves or her gorgeous eyes.
I concentrate on college and on becoming a forensic detective.
All I have left are my memories of being inside her perfect body.
Until I’m back to working near my hometown eight years later.
And assigned to investigate a murder case.
When I look down into the suspect’s eyes,
I see Jasmine’s perfect baby blues.
She’s been accused of killing her husband.
Who was even more abusive than her father.
So even if she did it, I wouldn’t blame her.
But one way or another, I have to get her out of those handcuffs.
The only reason she should be in them are for fun, with me.
Imagine my surprise when I look down and see a second pair of eyes.
They belong to Jasmine’s seven year old son.
And they look just like mine.
Has she been hiding a secret all this time?

I hope they’re right when they say the truth will set you free.
Because I’m determined to have them both in my life for good.

Published on June 19, 2020, Daddy’s Home is a standalone full-length second chance secret baby romance novel. At nearly 90,000 words, it’s the longest single book that Sizzling Hot Reads has ever published!

Trigger warning for abuse by a parent and a forced arranged marriage that is abusive. There is no abuse between the main couple and no cheating by the hero even during the long break up period. It has a very happily ever after and plenty of sizzling hot steam.

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Daddy’s Home