Dancing 2 Hard

by Sierra Sparks

My husband and I have known my billionaire boss James forever. But does James want to be more than just friends with us?

I work as a maid at ME Hotel, short for The Maine Hotel.
There must be something in the water here.
Because everyone is getting into “throuple” relationships!
But not me – I’ve been happily married to Morris for years.
Sure, the idea sounds fun, but it couldn’t really work, right?
Even though it has for my friend and co-worker Jackie.
She’s marrying two of her billionaire bosses!
And my husband can’t go to the wedding because he has to work.
Our friend James is a higher-up executive here at ME.
He just broke up with his girlfriend.
And he doesn’t want to attend the wedding alone.
When he asks me to be his date, Morris and I think the idea’s crazy.
But I have to admit we’re also both intrigued.
After all, there’s a reason we’ve all three been friends this long.
Taking it to the next level could destroy that, though, right?
But after drunkenly dancing all night long, the truth comes out.
James wants to share me with Morris.
And Morris thinks it’d be hot to watch James enjoy me.
He even wants to stuff my @ss while James is in my p*ssy.

I guess I’m about to see what this threesome thing is all about!
But can it last happily ever after for us, as well?

Dancing 2 Hard is a steamy MFM menage office romance novella, in which two guys focus on pleasing one curvy, feisty lady… no swords cross in this one. It is a standalone with no cliffhanger, a happily ever after, and plenty of two guys/ one gal heat!

Grab this new Sizzling Hot Reads release, published January 19, 2020, and heat up your winter! It is book 4 in the Working 4 ME series, which are standalone books that can be read and understood on their own or altogether.

The other books in this series are Working 2 Hard, Falling For My 2 Bosses and Snowed in with my 2 Bosses.

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Dancing 2 Hard