by Eva Luxe and Cindy Fox

She’s so delightful… but will she be my downfall?

My boss Walter is such a grump.
A workaholic who has ridiculously high standards.
And who is prone to anger, with a bad temper.
Not to mention cocky as hell.
So why do I find myself so turned on by him?
One night we both have to work late in the office.
And it gives us an opportunity to get closer together.

But I’m embarrassed for him to find out I’m a virgin.
And I’m scared to lose my job if I let him change that.

I know everyone around here says I’m an asshole.
But I just want Reed & Co. to do well.
Then Jessica starts as an intern at this PR firm.
And she’s like a breath of fresh air around here.
Her smile lights up the office.
And her curvy body makes my cock stand up hard.
She suggests a break- some fun to celebrate our hard work.

But if we go out of the office together,
I know she’ll end up in my bed.

We’re both so tempted to give into each other.
But will that lead to our doom, or our happiness?

Published on April 3, 2022, Delightful is an older man/younger woman grumpy billionaire boss and curvy virgin office romance. It has no cliffhanger and no cheating, but it does have a happily ever after and a lot of steam.

It’s loosely connected to the Full series, all of which feature employees of the Reed & Co. advertising firm, so, while it’s a standalone that can be understood completely on its own, it’s best when read with all the steamy goodness of the rest of the series. Get it now for only $2.99!

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