Don’t Forget About Me

by Eva Luxe & Juliana Conners

We were each other's first kiss. First love. First everything. Too bad she can't remember any of it.

What Sadie and I had together back in high school was so good.
The hot passion. The tender love. The amazing chemistry.
On prom night, a horrible accident wiped her memory clean and even made her push me away.
Five years later, I’m a filthy rich megastar and I can take what I want,
except for the one thing I still want and can’t have: Sadie.
I can’t believe it when I see her seductive curves and sultry eyes.
I have to get my hands on her, to reclaim what’s mine.
I bet my kiss… and other things… can get her to remember me.

But what if in gaining her trust I lose what little hope I had left,
when she’s bound and determined to forget me all over again?

Don’t Forget About Me is a high heat level full length 50,000 word second chance amnesia romance novel featuring bad boy billionaire baller Brian and curvy, feisty Sadie, with whom he has to overcome so much from their past in order to earn their guaranteed happily ever after. It has no cliffhangers and no cheating.

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Don’t Forget About Me