Don’t Let Me Go Novella

by Juliana Conners and Eva Luxe

I’m a football player by day. But I’ll score on her all night.

Life as a Florida Sharks football player is tough.

But deciding the future of my life is even tougher.

I was offered a job in LA.

A new team, new city, new lifestyle.

While it would be great for my career,

I’m afraid my relationships won’t be able to survive.

Could it all work out in the end?

Or will it cause my family to fumble?

Don’t Let Me Go is a follow up novella in the South Beach Bad Boys series. It continues Carly and Brad’s story as well as the rest of the characters in the Don’t Let Me Go box set. It was originally a bonus novella in the Don’t Let Me Go box set but has since been revised and expanded with some new steamy scenes and story lines added. It contains no cliffhangers, no cheating and a very happy ever after.

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Don’t Let Me Go Novella