Dragon Rival’s Mate

by Casey Morgan, Skylar Mason

Is she my enemy or my fated mate?

As a dragon shifter, I love to hoard wealth.
So I’m trying to buy up more property.
But then I meet my rival bidder.
And I’m struck by love for the first time in my life.
I’m half a century old so that’s saying a lot.
Vanessa has innocent eyes and sinful curves.
And plans to make her restaurant dreams a reality.
That’s why she bids against me for the building.
I feel certain we’re destined to be together.
But she has no idea I’m a dragon shifter.
And she views me as her sworn enemy.
Finally she comes begging for my help.
But soon it seems I have problems of my own.
Someone is threatening to reveal my true identity.
I think it’s a joke until they threaten Vanessa.
And then it becomes no laughing matter.
We’re up against each other in business matters.
But I want her up against me in a personal way.
I’ll have to reveal myself to save my love.
And that’s playing with fire in multiple ways.

Will Vanessa accept the truth of who I am?
Or will I be the one to get burned?

This standalone dragon shifter romance has no cheating, no cliffhanger and a hot-as-fire happily ever after.

This steamy paranormal dragon shifter romance is part of the Dragon’s Mate series and it’s a standalone with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a guaranteed happily ever after.

It’s not necessary to read the other books in the series to understand this one, but of course it’s more fun if you do!

Published to Sizzling Hot Reads on August 4th, 2023, this romance is crammed with two different kinds of heat… from a HOT fire-breathing dragon shifter AND the chemistry between him and the curvy virgin whose heart and body he captures… for only $3.99!

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Dragon Rival’s Mate