Drenched with Him on Labor Day

by Eva Luxe

No one can know about our relationship. But we can sneak off for Labor Day weekend.

When I started working for Crispin, I knew something was off.
I had no office experience.
And basically no life experience, either.
The job paid very well, and included a free flight to Hawaii.
Therefore, I assumed I’d be more than a secretary.
That was fine with me, because I was ready to lose my virginity.
Especially to the handsome, rich co-owner of Black Springs Financial.
As time passed, though, he didn’t touch me.
I was beginning to think this actually was a normal job.
But finally he made a move.
By sticking his c*ck down my throat.
Now I do everything he needs at the office.
And I do mean everything.
I love how dominant he is, how he makes me call him sir.
How his big c*ck fits perfectly in my tight little p*ssy.
He says this has become something more, that he loves me.
And that we should get away for Labor Day weekend.
But when we get stuck on an island, will tragedy ensue?
Or will everyone at the office find out I’m his dirty little secret?

Will we be able to weather the storm and find our happily ever after?

Drenched with Him on Labor Day is a Stranded on an Island with My Billionaire Boss Weekend Getaway novella that follows Crispin and the taboo office romance he’s having with his assistant and pet, Rachel. It’s a spin off of the Wet series. You don’t have to have read any of the other books to understand this one but if you want to read Island Virgin, it will catch you up on what happened in the past with Crispin and Rachel. The other books in the series follow co-owner Reo and his girlfriend Nicole, and Crispin makes appearances: Wet with Him, Wet Wedding, Wet Honeymoon, and Island Baby!

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Drenched with Him on Labor Day