Falling Again

by Juliana Conners

My brother's best friend is back. But is it for real this time?

Ten years ago my brother’s best friend left for the SEALs.
He also left me lonely and confused.
He never came back to me and I didn’t know why.
Since then, it’s felt like my life has been one wrong turn after another.
Like everything has been sliding into a figurative sinkhole.
Then I fall into real danger out in the wild. Alone.
My hero is back to rescue me… and he’s looking better than ever.
My heart wants to resist him, saying it’s been far too long.
But my body wants to give in, remembering how good it used to be.

Can we save each other from our pasts, while finally making a future together?


Falling Again is a full length novel in the Bradford Brothers series, which can be read on its own. It has no cliffhangers, no cheating, plenty of steam and a very happy ever after.

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Falling Again