Full of Strength

by Penny Madison, JM Knight

I’ve had to leave home and have nowhere to go.
Luckily my boss has some ideas in mind.

I knew things weren’t going well with my boyfriend.
But inertia and being able to split rent kept me stuck.
Until one night he’s drunk and takes a swing at me.
I know then that I’m done for good.
I manage to pack and leave while he’s passed out.
I decide to figure out a new place to live from work.
But when I get there, things take an unexpected turn for the worse.
My boss hears about my plight and takes pity on me.
He shows his guns to my ex, to get him to leave me alone.
And he has some big, strong muscles, so I think it will work.
Then he invites me to stay with him at his house.
But soon I start to sense it’s not pity he feels for me, but desire.
He wants me at his house not to just to work for him from here.
But also to work under him. In every way possible.
He’s older than me, but hot AF and I love being under his protection.
We put in so many hours of work together,
that it can’t hurt to add in some fun, right?

But when my stay here ends, will our relationship be over?
Or are things just getting started between us?

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Full of Strength