Fully Claimed

by Eva Luxe and Cindy Fox

My hot older boss wants to make me completely his.

I have three easy rules for dating:
1. No divorced guys.
2. No single dads.
3. And definitely no falling in love.
But I’ve been working for sexy Collin France.
And he makes me want to break every single one of them!
The workplace issue is another reason to stay away.
Plus, he’s much older than me.
I have these boundaries in place to keep my life simple.
And this has all the ingredients to overcomplicate it!
I haven’t gone all the way with any other guy before.
Or even very far at all.
Yet everything’s different with Collin.
I realize I’ve been afraid to fall in love.
But he’s making it seem worth it.
Until something happens and I start doubting him.
He wants to prove to me that I can trust him.
But I’ve spent forever building walls around my heart.
And I’m not sure I should let him in to crash them down.

Can I give him a second chance to fully claim me as his?
For my very first time… and maybe for good?

Published on December 26, 2021, Fully Claimed is an older man/younger woman, single dad and curvy virgin office romance. It has no cliffhanger and no cheating, but it does have a happily ever after and a lot of steam.

It’s loosely connected to the Full series, all of which feature employees of Reed & Co. advertising firm, but it’s a standalone that can be read and understood completely on its own.

The book has approximately 25,000 words/18 chapters and it’s packed with heat and steamy scenes. Get it now for only $3.99!

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Fully Claimed