His Curvy Charm

by Juliana Conners, Eva Luxe, & Cindy Fox

It’s not called sin city for nothing, and I intend to defile her.


Work sent me to Vegas for a stupid conference on St. Patrick’s Day.
I’m bummed until I meet curvy, gorgeous Amber.
I move in fast, and she returns my advances.
She was doomed to the same fate I was: a boring work trip to Vegas.
But she wore a lucky charm bracelet to bring her luck in gambling.
Little did she know it would help her get lucky in other ways.
She’s normally forbidden fruit: half my age, and a virgin.
But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and it’s just for one night.
Or so I think, until we run into each other again thanks to work.

If I keep pursuing her, I could get into a lot of trouble.
But I’m not about to let go of my curvy little lucky charm.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, we have a scorching hot older man/younger woman, billionaire and virgin forbidden romance for you. His Curvy Charm features a billionare and the feisty, curvy women that he falls for.

Published on March 14, 2020, it is a standalone romance with no cheating, no cliffhanger, a lot of heat and a VERY happy ending! It is part of the His Curvy Love series, which are standalones that can be read and understood in any order. It is by Juliana Conners and Eva Luxe, co-writing with new-to-Sizzling-Hot-Reads author Cyndi Cox. Enjoy!

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His Curvy Charm