His Curvy Valentine

by Eva Luxe, Juliana Conners

She’s all I want for a Valentine’s Day treat.


After catching my ex-girlfriend cheating and kicking her out, Valentine’s Day was the last thing on my mind.

Until I find cute, curvy Elena in my seat at the movies. I immediately want to offer her a seat on my c*ck instead.

 She thinks I look like the superhero on the screen and I think she looks like the woman of my dreams.

I’ve never been so drawn to someone before, and I know instantly that I’m going to make her mine.

 The two of us hit it off and before long, I’m helping her rent out her condo.

It feels like everything is going smoothly until I meet her new tenant.

Well, not “meet,” exactly. I know this woman all too well.

Because the woman staying in Elena’s condo is my ex.

Finding out that I’ve moved on turns her from an easy renter to the tenant from hell, and I can’t let Elena get caught in the crossfire.

But will the chaos crush our budding romance before it begins? Or can I prove to my independent, spitfire Valentine that the two of us are even stronger together?

His Curvy Valentine features a HOT billionaire and the feisty, curvy Southern belle he falls for. It is a complete standalone romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a VERY happy ending!

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His Curvy Valentine