Holiday Redemption Box Set Collection

by Juliana Conners & Cameron Collins

What better time for a second chance than a holiday?

In these three books, three different couples get a second chance for love- and a whole lot of lust- during a special occasion.

In Second Chance Halloween, a lawyer has escaped her small town roots but she can’t seem to get the ex she left back home out of her head or heart. When her aunt dies and she goes back to their town for her funeral, she soon learns she’s under suspicion for murder… and her ex is the hot sheriff who has to investigate her! Looks like he’ll have to handcuff her into submission. Is their love still strong enough to survive whatever is necessary for him to do to her- and IN her- to get the truth out of her?

In Hard Rock Christmas, a rock star is reunited with his first love, whom he has never been able to forget despite the legions of female fans who want him but who he has had no interest in, thanks to her. Their hook up is so hot that it warms up a snow-filled Christmas. But do they have what it takes to make it last a lifetime now?

In Vanished Valentine, she doesn’t know what made her high school crush disappear but he’s back to swoop her off to Paris for a Valentine’s Day to remember! Can she forgive and forget for a quick holiday fling, or is this the second chance holiday of their lives?

Enjoy these three HOT second chance holiday romance books guaranteed to melt your device, and your panties, as well as your heart, while they ignite memories of that one special occasion you can never forget, and the hope and redemption that can be found between two people in love during a holiday.

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Holiday Redemption Box Set Collection