In His Arms

by Juliana Conners & Cameron Collins

It’s a good thing a hot stranger pretends to be my date. But it would be bad to fall for this bad boy for real.

I can’t believe my Tindr date stood me up.
He even brought another date to the same restaurant.
At the same time that he was supposed to meet me!
But then a handsome guy rescues me from embarrassment.
By pretending to be my date for the evening.
It’s clearly because he wants in my bed later that night.
And that’s never going to happen.
Sure, he’s charming and we have fun.
But I’m a virgin and he’s a player.
He obviously wants to play with my body.
But I don’t play with my heart.
Soon I realize I’m in deeper than I expected.
And this pretend relationship has real consequences.
My life could be turned upside down.
And I shouldn’t risk it all on a fling.

So why am I letting him into my panties?
And why is he saying he can’t get me out of his head?

Published on March 29, 2021, In His Arms is a box set of the first three books in the In Deep series: In Deep, In Too Deep and In It for Real.

The books included are all full-length standalone novels about different couples who are friends. Each story features a bad boy who falls for a feisty virgin. They have no cheating, no cliffhangers and very happily ever afters with lots of steam.

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In His Arms