Inked in Love

by Juliana Conners & Cameron Collins

She's my exact opposite. And she knows I'm trouble. She should stay away from me. But I want her bad. And I always get what I want.

All my friends who own Dark Ink tattoo parlor with me are settling down.
Not me. I do a lot of crazy things. Including a lot of girls.
But I don’t fucking do commitment.
But then Sera Waters walks into Dark Ink and asks me to tattoo her left breast.
Turns out she’s the best friend of my buddy Ryan’s new wife Laryn.
Laryn works the cash register and Sera was just dropping by to say hi.
She is new to Philly, having followed Laryn here from Boston.
Fresh meat. I can’t help being a shark, ready to eat it up.
Only, this one’s different. Fuck.
I can’t resist her curvy hips and big wide eyes.
I want to see the rest of her body naked while I ink her up.
And I want to keep seeing her, way more than I should.
I’m in the middle of a big fight with a rival tattoo parlor owner.
I shouldn’t have time for romance, or anything more than a one night stand.
Plus, Sera’s my exact opposite – studious, ambitious, and a lawyer to boot.
Maybe she can help me out with my legal problems.
Or maybe she can just help my cock out since she makes it so hard on purpose.
Whatever happens, this is just a fling.
We’re too different to be together.
And I don’t do relationships.
But a little plus sign on a pregnancy test says differently.

Am I ready to change my bad boy ways for the woman of my dreams?

Inked in Love is a full length novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating and a happy ever after. It is book 4 in the standalone Dark Ink series, which can be read in any order. Juliana Conners has teamed up with brand new author Cameron Collins to blend her steamy spicy style with his bad boy ways!

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Inked in Love