Inked in the Past

by Juliana Conners and Cameron Collins

People say crazy things happen in Vegas. But I never knew that could include waking up next to my brother's killer... wearing his wedding ring and nothing else.


I used to be a famous wrestler.

But then I became infamous after crippling my opponent in the ring.

I left all that behind and walked a lonely road.

Until I found solace with my friends and our tattoo shop, Dark Ink.

Engraving art onto the skin of others helps me hide the heavy scars marring my soul.

It also lets me literally hide out from the world that hates me.

When Laryn walks into my shop, she’s everything I want.

Tall and curvy, with “fuck me for my first time” eyes.

But she brings with her a shadow of the past that might prevent her from ever becoming my future.


I’ve always hated my brother’s opponent; he basically killed him.

Now, years later, my brother has left instructions to deliver a mysterious letter to his former rival.

I can’t refuse his last wish.

So I have no choice but to face the “killer wrestler” again.

I expect it to be hard to confront the guy who did that to my brother.

But I don’t expect one reason to be because he’s super hot.

The chemistry between us is so irresistible I find myself listening to his explanations,

and even agreeing with him that we should get our minds off real life for a while.

Next thing I know, a drunken night in Vegas leads to holy matrimony… between me and my brother’s killer!

Can our unlikely, fragile relationship last when I finally learn what’s in that letter?

Inked in the Past is a full length novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating and a happy ever after. It is book 1 in the standalone Dark Ink series, which can be read and understood in any order but are best when binge read all together! Juliana Conners has teamed up with brand new author Cameron Collins to blend her steamy spicy style with his gritty, dark bad boy ways, with juicy bonuses available for the exclusive enjoyment of Sizzling Hot Reads subscribers only! (Just make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter and you’ll receive the free bonus story.) Click here for more books in the Dark Ink series!

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Inked in the Past