Island Baby

by Eva Luxe

First comes love... then comes conflict?

I was stranded on an island with my boss.
Reo was so hot I couldn’t resist his cocky come-ons.
I have never regretted giving into him.
The sex is hotter than the island weather.
And the ocean water always cools us off.
We made a surprise baby together.
Finally, we got married.
Now the baby’s due any day now.
And Reo has been distant.
Is he having second thoughts?
He was such a player before we got together.
But he said no other woman’s curves could match mine.
And that he loves to hold onto them while he’s inside me.
With the water rocking us hard and fast.
Our wedding was the best day of my life.
I was sure he felt the same.
But now, I don’t know what to think.
We definitely did things backwards.
I thought we had a match made in island heaven, though.
And I want us to be great parents to our baby.

Is our love strong enough to withstand storms?

Island Baby is a bonus novelette of approximately 8,000 words that follows up on Nicole and Reo Black’s previous stories (Wet with Him, Wet Wedding and Wet Honeymoon).  It doesn’t contain cliffhangers or cheating but it does contain a very happy ever after and plenty of sizzling hot steam set in a scorching island location… oh, and an adorable baby, too!

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Island Baby