Island Virgin

by Eva Luxe

She's never been to Hawaii. And no one's ever been in her. But I'm about to change that.

My friend Reo and I co-founded Black Springs investment company.
Now, we’ve become billionaires and get to work hard, play hard in Honolulu.
I’ve been working so hard, I could use some help.
I’m impressed when an agency brings me Rachel McDonald.
She’s smart, hard-working and she has gorgeous curves.
I just want to put my hands all over them.
And I want to put my c*ck in her for her very first time.
I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve never been one to resist temptation.
Maybe she can help my personal life as well as my professional one.

I didn’t know why the agency was contacting me to work in Hawaii.
I only knew I was down on my luck in LA.
No one wanted a bigger girl for acting roles.
And I was out of both money and my roommates’ good graces.
When I get the mysterious email, I decide to say yes to the job.
Because it comes with an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii.
But when I get there, I see that my new boss is the man of my dreams.
I’m a virgin, and he seems like just the man to pop my cherry.
He’s dominant and likes to tell me exactly what to do.
But he and I are from two completely different worlds.
And I’m afraid we’ll crash each others’, like the waves in the ocean.

Is it worth it for a hot office fling?
Or are we both in over our heads?

Island Virgin is a billionaire boss romance novella full of multiple kinds of heat. It is a spin off of the Wet series, although it is a standalone that can be understood without reading the other books. Enjoy this delicious late summer treat from Sizzling Hot Reads!

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Island Virgin