Lucky Bunny

by Eva Luxe

She's running low on luck. I'm just the guy to fill her up.

Tessa has a heart of gold and curves that are worth even more.

Fate brings us together during desperate times.
She needs money to rebuild her school for disabled kids.
And I need a fake wife, to inherit my father’s business.
I decide to make her a deal she can’t refuse.
Fake marry me on Easter Sunday. I’ll pay five million dollars.
But for that price, it has to include a real honeymoon…
in which we’ll f*ck like rabbits.
“Let me tie you up and have my way with you,” I tell her.
“It’ll be my very first time,” she says. Even better.
We’ll each help each other out, in multiple ways.
Then we’ll be done for good.
She agrees- and a deal’s a deal, right?
So why am I finding it so hard to walk away from her?

I never believed in mating for life. 
Now I want to make her my lucky bunny for good.
Lucky Bunny is a standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with a very happy Easter and ever after, and a whole bunch of steam.

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Lucky Bunny