Lucky Harvest

by Eva Luxe

I need a lucky break. And so does the sexy billionaire I just met.

I can’t believe my bad luck when my car breaks down.
I was on my way into work and now I’ll lose my shift.
But I’m surprised when a handsome hottie pulls up.
He’s in a fancy BMW and he’s here to help.
It turns out my mysterious hero needs a favor in return.
His grandmother is dying and wants him to get married.
That, and a good fall harvest, are her deathbed wishes.
I go along with it to grant a dying woman happiness.
But I’m thrilled to be “dating” this rich, older man.
Tire jacks aren’t the only equipment he’s good at working with.
Soon, I’ve not only given him my fake promise of marriage.
I’ve also given him my virginity, for real.

Our luck has turned but is it as temporary as the colorful leaves?
Or have we found lasting happiness in the most unconventional way?

Published on October 17, 2020, Lucky Harvest is a standalone romance with no cliffhangers and a very happily ever after, and so much heat it’ll rival your pumpkin pie that’s come right out of the oven!

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Lucky Harvest