by Eva Luxe

I shouldn’t want my boss, but I always have. And now he wants to make my dreams come true.

Working at Reed & Co. has been a good job for me.
But I’ve always viewed it as a stepping stone on my career path.
I plan to get out of here soon.
Except I can’t get my older, dominant boss off my mind.
Not only is he an advertising genius, but he’s also really hot.
I can’t help but imagine his experienced hands all over me.
Good thing he never seemed interested.
Because letting him f*ck me would ruin my carefully crafted plans.
But then it’s the night of my going away party.
And the lights go out in our office.

That’s when he decides to let me know how much he’s wanted me, too.
By whispering dirty words into my ear.
And letting his fingers slide my panties to the side.
And pressing his hard c*ck up against my curvy @ss.
I know I should say no.
But I want to scream, “Yes, finally, Boss!”

It’s only a forbidden one-night stand since I’m leaving, right?

Or will our true feelings come out and tie us together forever?

Lustful is a standalone billionaire boss office romance novella featuring a dominant, billionaire alpha male and the curvy, feisty woman he falls for. It has no cheating and no cliffhangers, but a very happy ever after and plenty of steam.

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