Marrying the Alpha

by Skylar Mason

It's a double wedding. And a triple scare.

It’s a double wedding. And a triple scare.

I never thought I’d love again after my husband was killed in a pack fight.
But then I started dating my friend Ethan.

This hot alpha knows how to heal my heart while pleasing my body.

He also protected me when a wolf from my past popped back up.
Since then, things have been great, and we have baby triplets now!

My brother and his fiancée, Ella, are getting married.

We’re elated when they ask us to have a double wedding with them.

Our only concern is how human guests will react to shifter grooms.

But then the past comes back to scare us on our joint big day.

Can the pack rally one more time to protect our family?

And will Ella and I ever get to say “I do” to our alphas?

For better or worse, in good times
and while fighting off bad rival packs…
We’re about to find out if true love can conquer all!

Marrying the Alpha is book 4 in the Fenrir Pack werewolf shifter paranormal romance series and it’s a novella that wraps up the story in the future for all characters. It follows all of the couples from the previous books: Ella and Kalen, Cora and Trey, and Rachel and Ethan. It can be read on its own but is best enjoyed after the three stories proceeding it. There is no cheating, no cliffhanger, but plenty of happily ever afters and hot shifter steam!

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Marrying the Alpha