Mountain Daddy

by Eva Luxe

Happily ever after… right?

I’ve just become a father and now a husband.

I was hesitant to give up my desolate, isolated cabin I called home.

But I’d do anything to give my princesses what they deserved.

Not to mention, to keep my marriage hot by taking my new wife every night.

Even if it means working my ass off as a lumberjack to afford it.

I don’t need my father’s billions to make me happy.

Nor do I want him hanging that shit over my head.

I can’t shake the memories I have of him from the past.

All the pain and sadness he caused.

He can’t just come back into my life and pretend like everything is okay.

He says he’s a changed man, and that I should forgive him for what he’s done.

Well, I’m not so convinced.

But if I keep letting the past hold me back, how can I move forward?

Maybe I’ve been wrong all along. Maybe people really can change…

Mountain Daddy is a follow up novella to Mountain Billionaire in the North Pines Billionaires series by Eva Luxe. It continues Zach and Paige’s story. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after. This second edition has been newly revised from the previous Mountain Daddy version and also contains lots of steam!

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Mountain Daddy