Out of Time

by Juliana Conners

She's in my dreams every night. But I want her back in my bed.

Hayley is my best friend’s sister.

Make that EX best friend.

And she’s also my ex.

Things were great back when I played football with Wesley and then secretly f*cked his little sister.

But I didn’t have a squeaky-clean image.

When he found out, he said I needed to stay away.

He thinks I’m bad news for her but I know how to make that good little girl beg for my c*ck in her mouth.

I made some mistakes and these days I mostly hide out in the woods, in a cabin my uncle left for me.

Then I find out Hayley is staying in a cabin nearby, which belongs to Wesley’s girlfriend Chelsea’s dad.

I’m determined to get her curvy a** back in my life, and to bend it over and take her again like when I did it in high school for her very first time.

But Wesley and Chelsea are all up in Hayley’s business and they don’t want my c*ck up in her p*ssy.

I have the chance to play ball again and Wesley finding out I’m back with Hayley could ruin everything.

But I’m going to claim what’s mine – for good this time – no matter the cost


Out of Time is a full length standalone steamy romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a happily ever after.

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Out of Time