Royal Baby Double Trouble cover
Royal Baby Double Trouble cover

Royal Baby Double Trouble

by Sierra Sparks

It's a royal baby scandal... times two.

I’m a Hollywood celebrity who gets invited to a royal ball.
Two hot princes convince me to have one wild night with both of them.
That’s that, and I’m soon back home in the States.
I’ll leave that crazy night of passion in the past.
Or so I think.
Until a pink plus sign shows up on a pregnancy test a few weeks later.
Apparently I brought a little something of theirs back with me.
Problem is… I don’t know which prince is the father.
I don’t expect them to be happy about the news.
But I didn’t realize it would be the talk of the kingdom.
The king is outraged. But the princes both still want me… and the baby.
How could I possibly choose between them?
Dominique was more dominant, but Byron was more passionate.
From the signals they’re sending me, though, I might not have to pick.
Maybe my baby could have two royal daddies.

I’m an actress, so I’m used to everyone getting their happily ever after in the end.
But is my life going to work out like it does on the big screen?

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Royal Baby Double Trouble