Six Billionaires for the Picnic

by Sierra Sparks and Juliana Conners

It was a chance meeting in the park one day. But will it lead to six times the pleasure?

I had just been dumped for being too “boring”!
All I wanted to do was walk my dog.
And then read my book on a park bench.
But along came six of the hottest guys I’d ever seen.
It turns out they’re super rich, too.
And I think they’re flirting with me.
ALL six of them.
They want me to stay and play.
But I have to continue packing.
So I can move out of my ex’s place.
They invite me to come back the next day.
Just for a picnic and concert at the park.
It sounds innocent enough. Right?
But it seems like they want to do dirty things to me.
Share me, pass me back and forth, pleasure me.
All at once.
That’s not something a boring girl would do.
So I’m in.
And this better be good.
I want them to share my body.
But can I choose one to have my heart?
Or maybe I don’t have to.

Can all six keep spoiling me at once?

Six Billionaires for the Picnic is a steamy MFMMMMM reverse harem romance novella jam packed with steam! Brings the summer heat stronger than ever. Get ready for a heat wave on your Kindle! This one has no cheating and a happy ever after/happy for now ending.

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Six Billionaires for the Picnic