Six Billionaires for the Pool Party

by Sierra Sparks and Juliana Conners

They’re all amazing but I can only choose one.

I let my heart get stolen by not one but six rich, hot alpha males.
And before long I’m sleeping with all of them at once.
They each know about it and love me just as much as I love them.
And we all love coming together when they cram and stuff my holes.
But their business will be in danger if word gets out.
So I have to make a choice about which one I’ll be with publicly.
These competitive men agree on the rules of the game.
Each will take me out on a date to wine and dine me.
They’ll f*ck me one on one so I can determine who has the best skill.
Then I pick who I want to star in the role of “boyfriend.”
The winner will take all in public– my heart, body and soul.
The others can still share and pleasure me in secret, of course.
None of us could ever give that up no matter how taboo it is!
There’s a pool party at the end of their Cancun work retreat.
My chosen boyfriend and I will come out as a public couple then.

But how do I choose just one when I want all of them?
And is it possible I might not have to?

Six Billionaires for the Pool Party is a steamy MFMMMMM reverse harem romance jam packed with steam. This 14,000 word novella features six men sharing one woman and it’s all about her pleasure – no swords cross. It has no cliffhanger, no cheating, a happily ever after and lots of sizzling hot summer steam! Get ready to jump in a cold pool after reading this scorcher of a book!

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Six Billionaires for the Pool Party